Friday, March 8, 2013

Feeling Stuck

Somone commented to me just after our adoption was approved by the courts "At least you know there won't be any more delays after this!" I wanted to agree. I really did. But my heart and mind knew differently.

Yes, yet again we have hit a snag. Our official court decree that should have been ready on March 8th is still not ready. That means that we cannot get his new birth certificate which means we cannot get our travel dates. I am frustrated, sad, and stressed. But I am not surprised. After all of the problems we have had, I expected something else to go wrong.

If you have watched the trailer for the Stuck documentary you saw the series of pictures where the little boy grew up as his family waited and waited to bring him home. That is exactly the situation that we are in. Asen was 2 when we committed to adopt him and he will turn 5 in about 6 weeks. Almost 3 years of waiting for his Momma and Daddy to come. Just thinking about it makes me want to cry.

It does not have to be this difficult people! Certainly there need to be safeguards in place to prevent traficking of children and ensure as much as is humanly possible that the children are going to safe homes. But the number of hoops that have to be jumped through and the cost of jumping through them borders on insanity.

Prayer Requests:

Please pray that our adoption decree will be ready first thing on Monday morning!
Pray about seeing the STUCK documnetary. I guarantee that you will learn something new, and I am fairly certain that your heart will break. There are things that we can do to advocate for children to be able to come home to their forever families more quickly!

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